Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage

Paramedical Tattooing

Do you have scars, burns, stretch marks, or other skin discolorations that make you feel self-conscious? Did you know there is a simple, in office treatment that can disguise your scars and help your skin imperfections hide in plain sight??

Scar Camouflage aka Paramedical Tattooing uses custom blended pigments that match your skin tone to enhance the appearance of your skin while concealing the scars and marks that draw unwanted attention. Enhancing the appearance of your skin is an effective way to boost your confidence and self esteem. 

Scar and stretch mark camouflage is a minimally invasive, in office treatment that offers natural looking results.

As it was my first time getting any type of permanent cosmetics done, I was hesitant going in, but Heidi made all of my worries go away the moment I walked into her studio. She was kind and sincere in her approach and beyond professional with her work. I highly suggest anyone who is interested in getting a procedure done to reach out to Heidi. I can't praise her enough for the work she has done. Thank you!!!!!

Tyler G.

What can be treated with a camouflage Tattoo?

We can treat a variety of scars including:

  • Breast Augmentation Scars
  • Face Lift Scars
  • Most surgical scars
  • Burn Scars
  • Self-harm Scars
  • Cleft Lips Scars
  • Loss of Belly button from surgery or trauma
  • Accident scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Pigments loss on the skin that results in white dots on the face, chest, arms etc.
  • and more…

If you have a scar not mentioned above, schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we can help.

The benefits of scar camouflage and micropigmentation:

  • Reduce the appearance of scars and burns 
  • Correct skin discoloration 
  • Increase self esteem and confidence 

Whether your scar is the result of an injury, surgery, burn, or other cause, scar camouflage can help you get the skin of your dreams.

What is Scar Camouflage?

Scar camouflage is an in office treatment where a hand held device is used to place skin-colored pigment into the upper layer of the skin for the purpose of concealing scars, stretch marks, or other skin disfigurements.

It is a specialized area of permanent cosmetics that falls under the category of medical or paramedical tattooing. 

This treatment should only be performed by a specialist who understands the science behind pigments and the physiology of human skin and tissue. These procedures require advanced knowledge, training, skills, and experience in permanent cosmetics as well as an artistic eye for color and skin tones. 

This treatment is often combined with microneedling or ProCell treatments which help improve the texture and “behavior” of the scar tissue before the camouflaging pigment is applied.

Keep reading to find out more about how it works and what to expect during your visit…

In-person consultations are recommended to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for this treatment. You may be recommended to begin a series of microneedling treatments to improve the texture of the area prior to beginning camouflage treatments.

What should I expect during my appointment?

After your consultation, if you’re determined to be a good candidate for this treatment, you’ll have a color patch test. 

During this color patch test appointment you will fill out paperwork, we will review your medical history, discuss your goals and expectations of Scar Camouflage, and answer any questions.

Then several combinations of pigment will be mixed and tested against your skin tone visually to find the most likely match possibilities. Using a small hand held device, small dots, of the top color matches will then be applied into your skin at site of the scar.

After a few weeks, you’ll come back into the studio to have the area checked for the healed results from that test. This is how we determine which color combination is best suited to your skin type.

Once we have a healed color result, we’ll be able to begin treatment.

In just under 3 hours we’ll complete:

Color patch results analysis – where we analyze the color patch results, decide on your color recipe, and take before photos. 

Scar Camouflage Treatment – application of the treatment to the desired area

After photos – so we can track the process of your treatment.

Application of a bandage – to keep the area covered and safe.

Aftercare instructions – using our aftercare method your downtime will be minimal, if any. 

Home use products – if applicable

Return in 8-12 weeks – where we analyze your healed results and  begin your second session.

Are you a candidate for scar camouflage?

Scar camo works best for these clients:

Scar is healed and no longer pink or changing color – your scar should be at least 1 year old and the color should be stable. Any red, pink, or colors that are still changing indicates the scar is still healing and you need to wait longer.

Area is mostly smooth and flat – scar camo won’t disguise scars with extreme texture changes. If the scar or surrounding area is rough, bumpy, or irregular you will need to start with microneedling treatments first (or in extreme cases scar revision by a plastic surgeon). 

No dark edges around the scar – dark edges indicate Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (PIH) from the original injury. Unfortunately, applying colored pigments to these dark areas not only won’t help, but it can actually make the hyper-pigmentation worse. In some cases ProCell treatments might work to reduce PIH so please schedule a consultation to see if that treatment might be of some use to you.

Realistic expectations – scar camouflage will improve color differences and help disguise scars but it will not completely restore the skin to the way it looked before injury. Additionally, there will be some redness immediately after treatment and occasionally the area will become darker before the final, healed results appear. This requires time and patience.

Results can take a few session to achieve – scar camouflage is a process, not an event. It is a treatment performed on damaged skin therefore response to treatment can not be predicted. Occasionally colors need to be adjusted between sessions to get the best results.

How long does it last?

Results are permanent but may require a maintenance session every so often to keep your camouflage looking its best. We use high quality tattoo pigments which are manufactured to stay in the skin for a life time, but tattoos can be affected by the aging process as well as health, diet and lifestyle. Once desired results are obtained, maintenance treatments are highly recommended to keep your tattoo looking its best.

Does it hurt?

Pain sensation will vary depending on the location of the skin camouflage tattoo, but most clients report mild to no pain at all. Please note, it is normal to experience some mild to moderate pinkness/redness to the area immediately after treatment. 

How is Scar Camouflage Tattooing at A New You and skin colored tattoos from other studios different?

While both services may give similar immediate results there are several important differences between the two techniques and our training and skill level:

  • Our Para-medical tattoos are only carried out by trained medical professionals who understand the physiology of the skin, scars, and the underlying tissues, and have been multi-cross trained in the art of Para-medical Scar Camouflage Tattooing.
  • Skin colored tattoos done in traditional tattoo shops are often over saturated and require expensive removal down the line due to over saturation or improper color choice.
  • Unlike other permanent makeup artists who offer skin colored tattoos, often using inferior permanent makeup pigments that quickly fade and need annual maintenance, our Scar Camouflage Tattoos are created with a scientific understanding of the sensitive nature of the scars and compromised tissue. We use tattoo ink which is designed to be permanent and last a lifetime after your final session effectively reducing the number of procedures needed to disguise your scars.
  • Our “Fusion Artistry Application Technique” effectively implants ink into the skin and scar tissue while resulting in minimal trauma.


All signature services include:

  • A full consultation where I answer all your questions
  • Custom skin tone Analysis and color blending. Our top-of-the-line tattoo inks will be mixed to compliment your skin tone and match your remaining natural areola, if needed.
  • Our “Fusion Artistry Application Technique” which provides for the gentle, yet effective application of your skin camouflage tattoo.
  • Tattoo application carried out by a medically cross-trained para-medical tattoo artist.
  • Full instructions for our No downtime healing methodTM and COMPLIMENTARY aftercare kit so you have everything you need to care for your new scar camouflage tattoo!
  • Scar camouflage tattoos that are designed to last a lifetime, which prevent further trauma to the area while saving you time and money!

Free Consultation

Find out which of our services are right for you!

No commitment required.

Complimentary | 30 minutes

Heidi was hands-down the best! The office was extremely sleek and clean she was efficient with scheduling, responsive, professional and the service.. perfection!!

Mindy G.

Color Patch Test

Skin tone analysis

Custom color mixing and visual analysis

Implantation of up to 3 test colors

$75 | 1 Hour

Heidi is amazing! From consults to touch up. She explains everything, made me feel so comfortable. I couldn’t be happier.

Lucy U.

Scar & Stretch Mark Camouflage

Application of scar camouflage in the color determined by your color patch healed results.

Priced per session

Starts at $300, varies by area, will be quoted during initial in-person consultation.

2.5 hours

Heidi is very professional and kind, you can depend on her on making you feel comfortable enough to trust her and she gets the job done and makes sure you're educated enough for the after care.

Cristian M.

Breast Augmentation Scar Package


Two (2) microneedling sessions on breast scars

Two (2) Scar camouflage sessions on breast scars


*PrePayment Bonus*

When you prepay for a Breast Augmentation Scar Package we’ll include a free bonus follow up camouflage session for minor adjustments, valued at $250


Heidi is amazing and talented artist. Very professional and creative. I highly recommend!

Irena F.

Breast Augmentation Scar - Single Session

Application of scar camouflage to breast augmentation scars in the color determined by your color patch healed results.

Price per session

$400 | 3 hours

Heidi was absolutely professional and awesome!!!! Love her work. She is an absolute artistic professional!!! I will definitely be coming back for other services. Thank you so much for your beautiful work.

Tammy L.

Belly Button Tattooing

3D tattoo to replace missing belly button from surgery or trauma.


Heidi is super sweet and very professional. Will be using her again in the future!

Tatum C.