A New You Permanent Makeup



The cost of SMP ranges from $1,000 for a simple hairline or part line density treatment, to $3,000 for a full hairline to mid crown application. There are four sessions included in the treatment plan. Touchups are $1,000 per treatment to refresh the color, or modify the hairline at a future appointment.
In order to ensure the best results washing the hair prior to treatment, applying a moisturizer a few days prior if your head is shaved, and ensuring you have no scalp conditions on your skin prior to treatment is the best way to ensure excellent results.
It is best to avoid the sun for a week, apply sunscreen daily onto the skin if your scalp is bald, avoid the gym, sweating, and water on the scalp for 4 days in between treatments. If you do not follow the post care instructions given to you, your results will be affected by fading.
The pain is normally non-existent, however everyone’s pain threshold is different. On average the pain is between 0-2.
The only contraindications for SMP are heart disorders, auto immune diseases, pregnancy or breast feeding, Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, keloid and hypertrophic scaring, skin cancer, blood thinners, photo-sensitizing drugs, and any skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema. Hair transplant procedures need a minimum of 6-9 months to heal.


The cost of brows are $450-$1050 which includes the touchup. The cost can change depending on the type of brow treatment requested or if there was previous work on the skin.
The pre care instructions are to ensure the skin is free from blemishes, no skin conditions, and no retinols for 2 weeks.
The post care instructions include an aftercare kit to ensure the brows are protected from debris, and enable them to breathe during the healing phases.
The pain level is 0-2 because we pre-numb the site prior to treatment.
Brow treatments can last 1-3 years based on your lifestyle. Sunscreen is recommended.
The contraindications are uncontrolled diabetes, actively in chemotherapy (or a doctor’s note), and no accutane for 12 months.


The cost is $750-$1450 which includes the touchup. The cost can range based on the type of areola treatment needed.
Clients need to be twelve months post surgery to ensure the wound site is healed.
The post care instructions are included in a post care kit that includes everything you need to ensure your tattoo heals properly.
The pain level for areola tattoos are 0-2 because the scar disrupts the nerves in this area. The pain level can vary based on the pain threshold for a color change because the nerves are still intact. However we do numb for this treatment to reduce pain.
Areola tattoos can last 2 years based on lifestyle before needing a touchup. However, if you are exposing your tattoo to the sun without sunscreen you can create premature fading.
The contraindications for areol are uncontrolled diabetes, or being in poor health which delays the healing time, or accutane for 12 months.


The cost can range from $350+ depending on the size of the scar. A consultation is required to access the skin texture, size, length, diameter, and color prior to treatment.
Condition the skin with lotion to make the skin supple as possible prior to the treatment. There can be no accutane for 12 months, or chemotherapy for 12 months to ensure the scar is healed properly.
The post care is included in your post care kit to ensure the scar heals properly after treatment.
The pain level is 0-3 based on your pain threshold and the area of the scar. However, we do numb the treatment site.
The needling changes the structure of the cells therefore the results are permanent, unless you damage the area. However, the aging process continues so you may need additional sessions down the road.
The contraindications are uncontrolled diabetes, or being in poor health which delays the healing time, accutane for 12 months, and a minimum of 12 months for the scar to be ready for treatment.


The cost is $475-$1025 which includes the touchup.
The pre care is to moisturize your lips a week prior to the treatment, sleep with aquaphor at night for a week, and exfoliate 4-5 days prior to the treatment.
The post care is included with the kit which will ensure the lips heal properly after treatment.
The pain level is 0-6 depending on your pain threshold. We do have a 100% pain free option to go to the dentist before a lip treatment and you won’t feel anything. The cost for this treatment is $100.
Lip treatments can last for 1-3 years based on the color used. A blonde will need a touchup in one year, however a darker color can last longer. The range is based on health, lifestyle, medications, and color choice. You will have three pre-selected color choices upon arrival.
The contraindications are to seek prescriptions for antibiotics for a dental cleaning prior to a lip tattoo, antivirals for a five day prescription to help prevent any cold sore reactivation, uncontrolled diabetes, being in poor health which delays the healing time, and accutane for 12 months.


The cost is $450-$900 for a lash enhancement or a winged liner.
The pre care is no contact lenses to your appointment and reading glasses for two days after the treatment. No eyelid, under eye surgery, or vision surgery within six months.
The post care is includes a kit which will help you keep the area clean, and healed within 7-10 days.
The pain level is virtually painless, however it is based on your pain threshold of 0-3.
The eyeliner lash enhancement lasts up to one year and a full eyeliner with a wing can last up to three years based on lifestyle.
The contraindications are no eye infections, glaucoma requires a doctor’s note, and diabetes and health conditions under control.