LushLocks SMP
Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Non-surgical Hair Loss Solution

Is hair loss the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror? Tired of seeing your shiny scalp through your thinning hair? Does your bald patch make you feel less confident and virile?

What would you say to an in-office, no downtime procedure that in under 3 hours could restore your hairline and your confidence, permanently?

As it was my first time getting any type of permanent cosmetics done, I was hesitant going in, but Heidi made all of my worries go away the moment I walked into her studio. She was kind and sincere in her approach and beyond professional with her work. I highly suggest anyone who is interested in getting a procedure done to reach out to Heidi. I can't praise her enough for the work she has done. Thank you!!!!!

Tyler G.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a treatment for men and women that is permanent, NON-surgical, solution for hair loss and baldness. It is the number one alternative to hair transplant surgery. This cutting-edge, non-surgical, office-based procedure uses sophisticated techniques to deposit pigment (micro-dots) into the scalp to replicate the appearance of stubble on bald patches or build density throughout thinning hair. There’s no surgery, no scarring, and no down time.

Men and women can be easily treated for their hair loss in under three hours. 

Reclaim your youthful appearance and confidence with an immediate increase to your hairline, part line, hair density, or by concealing scalp scars.

Results are immediate and permanent.

What should I expect during my appointment?

In just under 3 hours we’ll complete:

A full consultation where you will fill out paperwork, we will review your medical history, discuss your goals and expectations, answer any questions, and take before photos. 

Hairline and hair density analysis – where we take your current hairline, degree of loss, life-style, age, ethnicity, and personal preferences into consideration to develop your custom design.

Your custom hairline design where we pre-draw your hairline so you will see what your hairline will look like before we start tattooing! 

The LushLocks Scalpmicropigmentation SMP – service using top of the line ink that is specifically made for this highly specialized hair loss treatment so the color stays true for the life of your tattoo.

The reveal – your first look at your new hairline, and after pictures

Full NO Downtime Healing MethodTM instructions – using our method you will have NO embarrassing healing period. No one has to know!!

How long does it last?

Results vary (due to skin type, lifestyle, etc) but you can expect your scalp to look great up to 5 years before needing a color boost!

Does it hurt?

Although everyone is different, most clients report very mild to no pain at all. Please note, it is normal to experience some mild to moderate redness immediately after an SMP treatment, but this resolves within a few hours.

What is the difference between LushLocks SMP treatment at A New You and scalp tattoos from elsewhere?

While both will add color to your scalp the difference in technique and outcome is like comparing a Bentley to a Pinto. 

At A New You we only use inks formulated specifically for the scalp which have a proven track record of color fastness. Other tattoo studios cut costs by using cheap tattoo inks that will discolor to blue or green over time. How many times have you seen a black-work tattoo heal green? Exactly…

Additionally, there are several important differences between the two techniques:

  • Our “Fusion Artistry Application Technique” results in delicate impressions that closely replicate the look of natural hair stubble and does not produce blurry, heavy, blobby dots like traditional scalp tattoos can.
  • While there may be some degree of discomfort, our SMP treatment is a gentle service that uses fine needles and a quiet machine compared to the heavy, loud machines usually seen in old school tattoo studios.
  • Our SMP treatment can be customized to suit your goals – whether you just need a density treatment to add the appearance of thicker hair, or your balding pattern requires a total restoration of your hairline, we have what you need.
  • And speaking of the look, with our advanced “Fusion Artistry Application Technique” we can place a variety of hairlines from an age appropriate natural hairline to an edge-up. 


All signature services include:

  • A full consultation where I answer all your questions
  • Cooperative Design – we’ll work together to design look that will restore the appearance of a more youthful looking hair density and help you look and feel your best 24/7!
  • Hairline and density analysis – where we take your age, life-style, and current level of hair loss to develop your treatment plan.
  • Custom color mixing – Our top of the line scalp inks will be mixed to suit your skin tone and existing hair color and to ensure your color stays true.
  • Our “Fusion Artistry Application Technique” which provides for the skilled application of your scalp treatment.
  • Full instructions for our No downtime healing methodTM and COMPLIMENTARY aftercare kit so you have everything you need to care for your new scalp tattoo!
  • Inconspicuous results that last up to 5 years before needing maintenance!

Male Scalp Micropigmentation Consultation

Pricing for male pattern baldness is determined by level of loss using the Norwood Scale therefore an in-person consultation is required.

Heidi is very professional and kind, you can depend on her on making you feel comfortable enough to trust her and she gets the job done and makes sure you're educated enough for the after care.

Cristian M.

Lush Locks Priority Scheduling / VIP Saturday Experience

This LushLocks service also includes:

Our signature LushLocks Hairline OR Part-line Density Service:

  • Hairline which adds density around your temple and forehead areas OR 
  • Part-line which adds density to the area where you normally part your hair and blends into the surrounding area for a seamless, natural look.


Preferential Saturday appointment times

Upgraded aftercare package

And a mimosa!

999 | 3 Hours
*add the second area for only 750

Heidi is amazing! From consults to touch up. She explains everything, made me feel so comfortable. I couldn’t be happier.

Lucy U.

Women’s Part-line Density Treatment

Our most popular women’s treatment

This LushLocks service also includes:

Our signature LushLocks Part-line Density Service – which adds density to where you normally part your hair and blends into the surrounding area for a seamless, natural look.

Complimentary aftercare package so you have everything you need to care for quick and easy healing!

799 | 3 hours

I’m so thankful to have found this awesome place I’ve had nothing but the best experience I can’t wait to get my next thing done [...] if your looking for a great place this is it will never go anywhere else ever

Bret J.

Women’s Hairline Density Treatment

Excellent choice if you usually wear your hair up!

This LushLocks service also includes:

Our signature LushLocks hairline Density Service – which adds density around your temple and forehead and blends into the surrounding area for a seamless, natural look.

Complimentary aftercare package so you have everything you need to care for quick and easy healing!

799 | 3 hours

Heidi is amazing and talented artist. Very professional and creative. I highly recommend!

Irina F.