If you’re looking to get permanent makeup, you’ve probably thought long and hard about which service you want and which artist will do your work, but you may not have given as much thought about the practicalities of what going to the permanent makeup studio will be like. Following the tips below will help you […]

5 reasons to choose Powder Brows over Microblading

The term Microblading has become synonymous with Permanent Makeup Eyebrows but it’s actually just one of the techniques used to achieve that “wake up with make up” look that many women are seeking to achieve.  If you’re unfamiliar with microblading and why it’s not a sustainable permanent makeup option, hop over to this blog post […]

Why you don’t want microblading – and what to do if you already have it

What is Microblading? Microblading is a form of tattoo done manually with a disposable handle and sterile “blade”. The “blade” is actually a row of needles lined up together to form a line, which is then dipped in pigment and dragged across the skin to scratch the skin and create small cuts which mimic the […]